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Virtual Publicist Campaign Manager:
How to Manage your Music Marketing & PR Campaigns

With the Virtual Publicist Campaign manager, you can plan, execute and track your music launch from A-Z without the need of multiple tools or an agency specialists. Manage your music campaign with the help of the Virtual Publicist digital tool kits.

Introduction to Virtual Publicist

Virtual Publicist is a full scope AI assistant for musicians. It combines intuitive & suggestive targeting, with messaging automation, analytics and  the most accurate music media directory available online. As a tool specifically built for artists Virtual Publicist helps you discover and engage outlets, influencers, and other essential contacts to help accelerate your career.

With an AI that tracks your insights, and curates the ideal outlets for you to reach, Virtual Publicist limits friction during media campaigns and maximizes results.

From the first day of your professional career, you now have the ability to trace, track, and adapt your strategy to get the best coverage for your release. Whether you’re trying to get into the local media or looking for big interviews, you’re a few searches away from finding the perfect combination to get your music out there.

Virtual Publicist has an integrated system that connects your smart lists, calendar, and socials to optimize the way you plan your career moves. Available as of 2023, the Campaign Manager will offer an advanced CRM interface, giving you a whole new level of control.


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Finding the right outlets for your media campaign

When you first arrive on your dashboard, Virtual Publicist will have suggested 2 sections of contacts to reach out to first.

  1. Suggested for you: these are a collection of Smart Lists that represent groups of individuals that work in a similar field, and best respond to your type of campaigns.
  2. Discover Contacts: These are contacts that have similar interests, tags, and will best respond to requests for your type of campaign.
The Virtual Publicist Dashboard that is showing users which contacts its suggesting to contact, before they go into the search module
The Virtual Publicist dashboard

Virtual Publicist Database:

To access the database, click on “Search”, found on the left hand side of your dashboard. This is where you can browse through endless contacts from every corner of the music industry.

Using the search bar

  • Type your search item and separate each detail with a comma, “,”.
  • Customize your results using the filters and tags to find the niche candidates that you are looking for.
  • Using the tags and keywords, that our AI has harvested from a wide range of public sources, you can create a precise list of contacts that fit exactly the niche you are looking for.

Organize your lists using visible titles and labels.

  1. Title your Smart Lists using either
    • Date
    • Subtopic
    • Genre
    • Contact type
    • Priority tag
  2. Create a unique label for your lists:
    • Click on the “add label” function and select an appropriate section that defines:
      • Their Location.
      • When to contact them.
      • Why are you contacting them?

Monitor your outreach campaign:

When you start reaching out to your contacts via lists or individually, the most important thing to keep in mind is to track and monitor your outreach progress.

  1. Verify sent emails vs responses.
  2. Verify the quantity of saved contacts.
  3. Regularly check reports sent by Virtual Publicist to optimize your emails.


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Creating Media Smart Lists to Manage your Music Campaign

Step 1: Make a Smart List for each segment of your campaign.

    1. Click on Create a new list”
    2. Write in the title row.Personalize each list by having a clear Title that indicates the contact type or category.

Step 2: Personalize each list.

    1. Search for targeted groups through the Virtual Publicist Database
    2. Once you type in the location and the category, select from the list of contacts that appears.
    3. Save the contacts in the designated lists.

Step 3: Prepare an email.

    1. Make sure you have all of the required information to hand over for the contact to fulfill your request.
    2. Choose one of our templates to start; we have simplified the process by giving you tried and true pitches.
For example:

Let’s say you are launching your new album titled “To the Moon.” You’re going to want to get different types of media to follow through with your project.

    1. Start by creating 3 lists one for blogs, one for playlists, and one for radio stations.
    2. For each one selected, identify 20–30 contacts that fit your niche.
    3. Label each list with titles like “To the Moon—Blogs -priority 1,”  “To the Moon—Radio Airplay” and “To the Moon—Outreach March.”
    4. Prepare a custom email. To maximize results make sure the email is personalized to the individual rather than the entire group.
    5. Send and follow up with all of your messages by tracking results from your inbox.

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This is an Image of the composition section where a user can select a template and write a personalized outreach email to their group

Types of media outreach campaigns you can do as an artist:

Influencer Campaigns:

These greatly increase the performance of your music videos and release by creating a network of content creators and audiences to participate in your release.

Media Outreach for PR:

Connecting with media outlets for story placement, interviews & publications will create a narrative around your art and strengthen your public image.

On-Air Radio:

Radio is still one of the most important forms of audience creation. This type of campaign will get your song airplay and live interviews.

Physical Advertising:

As a member of our custom subscription plan, you can receive curated list of physical advertisers from different cities.

Gig Booking and Touring:

With a full catalog of tour managers, booking agents, and talent buyers at your disposal, Virtual Publicist makes organizing your live performances simple and fast.

TikTok Video Campaign:

TikTok videos are an essential part of today’s musicians digital tool kit. When releasing a new song, TikTok gives you access to 100d’s of millions of viewers, that use the platform as their primary form of music discovery.

Sync and Licensing:

Sync and licensing is an artist’s most important career milestone. Having your song used in a film, television series, game or ad campaign, allows you to collect long term revenues and scale your reputation.

Label outreach:

As an artist, reaching out to labels can be for collaborating with their roster, getting feature on one of their productions, for using one of their copyrighted material and of course, getting signed.

Playlist Placement:

Virtual Publicist gives you a comprehensive list of Spotify laylist curators to reach out too.

Manage your music career like a pro.


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Virtual Publicist Pro Tip 1:

Blogs are a great way to spread your music. If you are a rising artist, you can try on-air radio stations, but it is a much more complex funnel to get through. Start with online radio and college radio stations to scale higher up the media chain.

Virtual Publicist Pro Tip 2:

When selecting your contacts, make sure to take tour time and pick based on reach, accessibility and style. Focus on how that contact will interact with your audience. Keep in mind that personalizing your message to them will increase your chances of connecting. Consider emphasizing that special angle to create a strong bond between you and that individual.

For more pro tips, check out our blogs on how to build your brand as an artist and the use of media outlets.

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