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Who We Are

Virtual Publicist is the first music marketing tool where you can find, segment, and directly message every member of the industry.

The brainchild of 25 years of combined experience in the music marketing and promotion industry. Virtual Publicist is the future of how artists will interact and operate in this wild world of rhymes, tribes, and stages.

Without exception to a niche, we strategically curated our industry roster using A.I. 

Running through thousands of data points parsed from blogs, journalists, and media outlets, your new Virtual Publicist will suggest the best course of action for who to contact next and streamline how to do it.

We believe that by creating this unique accessibility for music professionals to network directly, Virtual Publicist will help create a more diverse, fair, and progress-oriented music industry,  where the artist is empowered rather than commodified.

Inside Virtual Publicist Dashboard screenshot of Music Industries AI helping manage artist career
Inside Virtual Publicist industry roster with a screenshot of Music Industry contacts gathered by Virtual Publicist Music Industry AI services for artists

Each entity has its role, and with over 100,000 songs released everyday, influencers, promoters, managers, playlist curators, the entire digital industry becomes denser and harder to navigate for musicians who just want to get heard and discovered.

So we decided to create an all-in-one no questions-asked key to the entire thing. With a Virtual Publicist that can organise your campaigns, set reminders, write your emails, give you live insights, even build your network of venues to set up your live shows.

By giving an artist a single portal to manage their reach, communications, promo, and networking we help save them time, money, and energy to focus on their creative journey and build the career they wanted.

Today's Music Tech always gives you half of the solution for the full price

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Virtual Publicist
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