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Smart Lists:
The Best Management Tool for Artists

Smart lists are a combination of automated notifications, AI suggestions, and grouped mailing lists. A smart list is the best management tool for artists looking to streamline their outreach.

What is a Virtual Publicist Smart List?

A Smart List is a unique grouping of contacts that is generated by the Virtual Publicist AI. As a User, you can also create your own Smart Lists if you want to be notified of any actions done by the group of contacts in that list.

This is the best way to manage communications for your music campaigns because it simplifies organizing your targets and tracks your conversations.


The Virtual Publicist Dashboard with the create new list option accessible by the user

Creating a Smart List:

    1. On the left-hand side of the dashboard, you will find theCreate list” button.
    2. Select, and start filling it with contacts to receive notifications when they answer back.

As your messaging campaign goes forward, you will receive regular updates on the status of your messages.

Messaging via your smart lists is the fastest way of getting your message out there. Instead of having 3 saves and 2 pages to go through like other SaaS products, Virtual Publicist offers a seamless user transition from one section to the next.

Here you can select the title and color of your Smart List to prioritize its use in your campaign

You can prioritize your lists by:

    1. Using a color code.
    2. Numerically organizing the titles.
    3. Chronologically titling the lists.
    4. Campaign types.

Smart Lists Best Practices:

Organize your Smart Lists

Organize your lists in relation to the type of campaign you are planning. Having clear groups, and a specific order in which you will reach out, will automatically improve your chances of successfully releasing your music.

Here are some examples of list titles:
    1. ‘Single Release Name’ Pre-save Campaign
    2. ‘Single Release Name’ Radio Planning
    3. ‘Single Release Name’ Media Planning
    4. ‘Single Release Name’ Post-Release Campaign
    5. Single 2 Media Campaign
    6. Music Video Campaign
    7. Radio Outlets | Airplay
    8. Radio Outlets | Interviews
    9. EP Media Targets
Use simple messaging.
    1. Emails need to be clear, concise, and compelling in order to make their way through.
    2. Converting a request into action is not always simple, so we give artists a host of tools to help them write the perfect pitch.
    3. With your AI Copywriter that can measure the tone, personality and interest in your text, Virtual Publicist offers a selection of templates to help make your communications more effective.
Schedule your messages.
    1. When starting a messaging campaign its important to be quick with when these contacts will be receiving the news.
    2. In order to make sure you get them at the right time, schedule your messages for the late morning.

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A demonstration of what a Smart List looks like in Virtual Publicist, and how a user can select the right grouping.

Intuitive AI, how does it work ?

The Virtual Publicist is the simplest way to create groups of key industry leaders that work in the media space.

Virtual Publicist has gathered millions of data-points over the years, and correlates their values based on 3 things.

    1. The contacts relevance to your profile and your campaign.
    2. The contacts responsiveness to artists requests.
    3. The contacts inter-connectivity and promotional network in relation to your artist profile.

Virtual Publicist has analyzed thousands of stories and careers and has put together a series of combinations that are catered to users based on their overall profile.

Types Suggestion lists

Virtual Publicist has taken into account the following subcultures and music industry networks, giving artists a mix of niche and mainstream outlets to choose from.

  1. Indie community:
    • Blogs & Journalists that are created by the music community rather than large publishing institutions.
  2. YouTube creators:
    • A selection of YouTube reaction video makers, and influencers who can help you on your journey.
  3. Fast response contacts:
    • This is a selection of media outlets that will respond to you in under 72 hours.
  4. Ideal Pairings:
    • These lists  combine top-tier outlets with mid-level outlets. Historically these have collaborated together and will allow your campaign to have a clear path towards exponential growth.
  5. Multi-platform marketers:
    • A list of influencers that have strong viewership on multiple platforms, and their own brand.
  6. Streaming-combo:
    • This is a catalog of blogs that have their own playlists and can place you on both.
  7. Venues For You:
    • A selection of venues that are in your city and can accommodate your fanbase.
  8. Playlist curators:
    • List of playlists that fit your music style, fanbase, and outreach objectives.
  9. Radio broadcasters:
    • A group of radio stations that are both on-air and online, perfect to broadcast your new song.
  10. Record Labels :
    • This list compiles a series of labels that make the same kind of music as you do. And most importantly are ready for artists that are at your level.

Once you select a list, you can then highlight each person to add notes or redirect them to a campaign you are preparing.

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