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To The Music Industry

Over 1M reasons to try Virtual Publicist.

Connect directly with the music industries most influential personalities. Browse through thousands of editors, Blogs, Influencers, Advertisers, Venues and more.

Our unique database aggregates thousands of public contacts and segments them into an easy-to-use dashboard.

From there you select, group, and schedule your messages

With a unique ranking system, you can instantly know if the contact is too big for your profile or too small for your objective

Optimize Your Writing Process & Pitch like a pro

Readers eliminate a poorly written email within the first 5 seconds. One bad impression and you can go from a rising  star to a weekend troubadour. 

Armed with an AI-based writing tool, Virtual Publicist helps you summarize run-on sentences, correct poor grammar, fix incomprehensible syntax, and suggest the ideal structure for the person you are messaging.  

With a helpful set of templates, Virtual Publicist allows to schedule your messages to your smart lists.

The Perfect List of Contacts Does Exist

What used to take hours or a room full of publicist is now available every time you open your dashboard.

Virtual Publicist, analyzes your profile and creates custom lists for you to reach out too.

Each list takes into account your digital status and the media outlets rank in the overall industry, to perfectly match your message to your plan.

Smart lists are an essential part of an artists campaign to optimize their outreach and create a viral effect, this image depicts a selection of smart lists the artist can choose from

Stay organized. Stay connected. Stay independent.

Plan, schedule and execute entire communications campaigns directly through Virtual Publicist — enabling you to do the work and have the impact of a PR agency on your own, with full control and at a fraction of the price.

Tracking your campaign gives you the ability to adjust strategy throughout your release and target new groups of outlets that appear in your feed.

Virtual Publicist provides an easy to use and AI suggestive dashboard to create, track and manage your performance. 

Take the best and make it better.

With all your platform insights in one place, you can easily see which one of your projects are progressing and which ones need some pampering.

We’ll cover all you need to know about Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Linkedin and even Spotify  Insights, including how to use it to enhance your profile.

What is Virtual Publicist? Image of the Virtual Publicist system that Empowers Artists and-Optimizes Media Communication by helping them Find Music Industry Contacts, Music Industry AI

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How does Virtual Publicist square off against the competition ?

Unlike the traditional agency model,  Virtual Publicist is an affordable and artist focused solution for any music campaign. Not only will you find all the necessary contacts in one place, but own the relationship that you are building with the outlet itself.

Many agency’s will allow an artist to grow rather than empower them to be able to grow themselves. By handing over our unique AI tool kit, an artist can now efficiently develop their media network, manage their campaign, grow their fanbase, and access career growth essentials.

Every Music
Campaign Needs:

Targeted Media
Influencer Collaborators
Streaming Curators

Artists spend countless hours each week maintaining their online presence and trying to advance their careers. But with Virtual Publicist, you can streamline your efforts and save time.

Virtual Publicist offers a complete solution for DIY marketing and PR without the getting trapped in ad-based algorithms. Our platform curates industry information specific to you, making it easier for you to reach out to potential contacts.

The AI system curates the most accurate industry information for each individual artist. Imagine arriving at your virtual headquarters every morning with a fresh batch of contacts to reach out to.

With an AI that helps you pitch to media contacts, simply click through the questions and your submission will be sent to the 30 most likely people to pick up your story.

The Most Comprehensive Career Assistant for Musicians

With an AI that helps you  pitch to media contacts, you will always be able to target and identify the most likely outlets to pick up your story.