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AI Solutions for The Music Industry

For Every level of the Music Industry

Virtual Publicist community offers AI solutions for the music industry. Our platform is a alternative to the traditional agency model that artists are forced to work with. No need for tinsel on your album cover, no duck faces on your socials—just the right connections and the right steps to take to make your music stand out.

With Virtual Publicist at your side, you can navigate the industry space safely and get strategically accurate suggestions for what to do next. Have you ever thought about who to contact first when releasing music? Is it a producer, venue booker, radio station, influencer, agent, or playlist curator?

We’ve prepared a series of guides for indie artists and labels everywhere to learn the tips and tricks of the industry. Join our channels and check out our learn section to get the most out of your Virtual Publicist experience.

AI Solutions being used by an artist on Virtual Publicist
Virtual Publicist is amongst the AI solutions for independent record labels

Independent labels produce almost 2/3 of the music that is released daily but represent only 1/6 of the industry’s total revenue.

What they do, they do for the love of music and the journey they experience with their roster.

What they need most are the tools to make the magic happen. Virtual Publicist offers a full map of the industry, accurate contact information, and algorithmically personalized paths for your artist’s PR to follow.

Pick from artists, radios, venues, journalists, playlist curators, and even legal teams. No matter if you’re new to the game or a community legend, we believe that the keys to success should be accessible to all those who want to make good, honest music.

Still need some more information? Check out our how-to section for indie labels and artists.

As a record label A&R, managing artist data and networking can be a time-consuming and costly process. But with Virtual Publicist, you have an all-in-one workstation that streamlines these tasks and saves you time and money. By bridging the gap between artists and outlets, Virtual Publicist offers an open and authenticated discovery tool for new talent.

Now you can measure the progress of your campaigns effectively and make informed decisions to optimize your workflows. By connecting with key outlets in emerging markets, you can scale your artist brands to new heights.

Embrace the new game and stay ahead of the competition with Virtual Publicist. Our cost-saving solution is designed to help you succeed as an A&R in today’s constantly evolving music industry.

So, why wait? Join the new game for A&R!

A&R Workflow optimized to overcome challenges using Virtual Publicist AI Solutions

The Agency’s New Secret Weapon Say goodbye to 16 Saas products. Virtual Publicist streamlines workflow with an AI-powered database, CRM, and communication platform. Specifically made for the music industry

Transform your agency today.

Get Your Own Virtual Publicist Team Today !

PR and marketing agencies for artists face a real challenge in finding journalists, bloggers, and other big media names to reach out to.

On average, an agency will spend two weeks collecting and building a list of qualified outlets. With Virtual Publicist, the struggle is over.

Quickly build your lists and start emailing within minutes. Track your campaigns and workflow through a single portal with all the insights you need for a successful release.

Get ahead of the game and start reaching your PR goals today with Virtual Publicist.

Custom lists for artists created by Virtual Publicist is one of the AI solutions for artists
Contacts that are found in Virtual Publicist music industry roster are one of the AI solutions for artists

Find the right professionals to take your music career to the next level.

Virtual Publicist is a comprehensive directory designed for artists to scale their careers. With thousands of music industry executives, agencies, and professionals, you can easily discover the right connections to help you grow your music career.

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for the right contacts, and start your journey to success today with Virtual Publicist.

By sharing your story with the writers of the world you empower your brand and start scaling through the industry.