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The Best Music Industry Roster For Artists

How to Navigate the Music Industry Roster?

Virtual Publicist has the largest music industry roster available online.

By creating a centralized tool that holds all the categories of professionals you need to reach, Virtual Publicist makes it easy to find, filter, and communicate with anyone.

Specially designed to give you the power of a room full of publicists, you now have access to a roster of over 1 million data points. Find out how to strategize from A-Z here.

Contacts that are found in Virtual Publicist music industry roster

Getting Started

At the top left corner or the center of your Virtual Publicist dashboard, you will find the Search bar, where you can look up all of the contacts. You can also use the Industry Roster menu item on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

This is where you can browse through endless lists of contacts that are curated to your objectives as an artist.

Search by name, location, position, tags, and even associates.

For example:

You will be able to find contributors that are on multiple blogs by typing only the blog style rather than the person’s exact name.

Associate tags are also important if you are following an artist’s playbook and are looking for the same spots they were featured in.

To use several keywords, separate them with a comma, then click Enter to populate your list.

Types of tags you can use:
  1. Genre: Rock
  2. Subgenre: Classic Rock
  3. Location: Nashville, Tennessee
  4. Position: artist, influencer, media representative
  5. Seniority: Senior
  6. Service: Collaborator
  7. Quality of Service: High
  8. Social Media: Twitter, Spotify, Instagram, Apple Music

These tags are the gateway for other professionals to find and reach out to you as well. When creating your profile, be sure to properly identify yourself with relevant tags and the right keywords.

How To Get The Best Search Results from the Music Industry Roster

At Virtual Publicist, you can add tags to your profile that accurately describe your entire ecosystem as well as your objectives.

Tags will help your AI publicist curate the best-suited contacts for you to reach. You can still access the database and make the lists you want, but following the Virtual Publicist AI will optimize your outreach by providing the best-suited direction to follow.

Tagging is done in two steps.
  1. Algorithmic tagging:
    • Virtual Publicist analyzes your pages and profiles from other websites and puts together a tag tree that describes who you are to our AI.
    • From here, other musicians or professionals looking for a profile like yours will be able to find you with just a few keywords. Algorithmic tagging also creates a ranked profile that takes into account your level in the industry.
For example:

Algorithmic tagging is the reason why a virtual publicist will not suggest an up-and-coming artist talk to Rhianna’s manager the day after their first gig at a local bar.

  1. Personal Tagging:
    • Once you have built a profile, Virtual Publicist allows you to build lists of targets to reach out to. As you build your contact sheets, you are given the opportunity to tag each one of them with your own keywords.
    • Although this does not influence the search results of other users, our AI saves their traces and compiles them in the overall suggestion metrics for other artists.
For example:

If 1 person defines a contact as a “good deal,” the algorithm will correlate only 1 point for that individual, but if 10,000 users have tagged the person as a “good deal,”  your virtual publicist will integrate them into that tag family and suggest the profile to those looking for “good deals.”

Types of tags you can use:
  1. Genre
  2. Subgenre
  3. Location
  4. Industry Type
  5. Category
  6. Reach
  7. Seniority
  8. Service
  9. Quality of Service:
  10. Cost
In the search bar

You can customize your search to narrow it down. Using the tags, keywords, and filters, you can create a precise list of contacts that fit exactly what you are looking for.