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Music Industry AI Services for Artist

Music Industry AI

Meet Your Virtual Team

AI Publicist, at Your Service!

Our All-in-one music industry AI will help you find & reach all the contacts you need.

Say goodbye to manual research and hello to a smarter, faster way of finding the right contacts for your music marketing. Our AI publicist is like having a personal assistant that helps you make informed decisions and optimize your music promotion.

With its powerful algorithms and industry-leading database, the AI Publicist is a must-have tool for any artist looking to take their career to the next level.

So why wait? Get started with our music industry AI today!.

Virtual Publicist shows A complete industry roster of every contact in the music industry

The Coach: Your Personal Campaign Manager 


Create, track, and manage campaigns through the artist dashboard on Virtual Publicist. Your new coach will help you target, plan, and execute a campaign from A-Z.

With data from hundreds of industry sources, you can now analyze the market, focus on your niche, and adapt your strategy easily.

With our own set of performance metrics to track your progress, Virtual Publicist allows any artist to perfectly build a brand image.


Plan your short-term goals and long-term objectives using the S.M.A.R.T. technique.

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Relevant
  5. Time-Based

Learn more about our AI Campaign Manager

The AI Promoter dishing out Smart-Lists

Smart lists are a unique feature that speeds up and simplifies all your communications with music industry professionals.

Build your own list or select from the AI promoters’ picks. Smart lists give an artist a tailored group of contacts that are precise and attainable.

Track your messages and get follow-up notifications to never miss a deal again. The Smart List will adapt its content as you progress through your career. For every level of growth, the application will curate different levels of professionals.

Find the Ultimate Music Industry Contact Lists, Register Today!

  • Collect:  Virtual Publicist gives you an easy way to collect the right contacts and produces algorithmic lists best suited to your objectives as an artist.
  • Target: With over 1000 tags to choose from, you can find the exact type of media, playlist, or collaborator.
  • Track: Smart lists have an embedded tracking tool that will help you organize your communications skills.

Your Personal Gig Booker

With thousands of venues from around the world. You can now find exactly the booking staff you need to contact to get your show on the road!

Create the perfect list of venues to pitch so you can organize your release tour. Start sending out your press kit to talent agents, managers, and promotion groups today !

Take a look at our Learn section to find the best way to organize and sell out your show.

Artist taking photo at a gig after booking it using Virtual Publicist
Contacts that are found in Virtual Publicist music industry roster are one of the AI solutions for artists

Make Your Targets An Offer They Can't Refuse

Use the AI Copywriter to polish your writing and get the perfect pitch.

A poorly written email will never convert your leads. One bad impression, and you can go from a rising star to an unprofessional weekend musician.

With a slick, user-friendly interface, Virtual Publicist offers a writing assistant and a collection of templates so artists can send industry standard emails.

Spare yourself time, effort, and frustration by writing perfectly the first time. Make sure your communications have all the relevant information and a compelling hook that your professional contacts are expecting.

A Private Marketing Guru

The most powerful element in the Virtual Publicist’s toolkit is the AI strategist.

Our advanced recommendation system matches your profile to media outlets, collaborators, influencers, playlists, and any other vertical in the music industry.

Smart Lists

Find the top contacts right on your dashboard, cut your research time, and focus on what matters most: your music.

These are the top teams of contacts to use to multiply the reach of your campaign.

Via our unique recommendation system, your experience, behaviors, preferences, and interests are used to trace out a path to success. For each type of artist, Virtual Publicist will suggest the most advantageous engagement strategy based on your objectives.

Ready to get the ball rolling?

Virtual Publicist Optimize Your Marketing & PR using AI, Music AI
Virtual Publicist gives artists a smart calendar they can connect to google

All-in-One Smart Calendar:

The perfect calendar does exist, and it’s on Virtual Publicist!

Manage your career on one easy-to-use calendar. Import your existing events, labels, and tags to create a synchronized environment to manage your music career. Never miss a deadline again. Set your meetings and calls to get notifications from your calendar.

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