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How to Master your Music Career
using Virtual Strategist

The Virtual Strategist is the brain behind the platform. Using suggestive AI It helps guide your decisions and select targeted outlets  for your outreach.

What is the Virtual Strategist?

The Virtual Strategist is the engine that runs the suggestion lists, notifications, and the path to success visualizer. By analyzing your artist profile, tags & social media insights, the strategist will evaluate your level in the industry and present you with a scaled plan for your marketing & PR.

Fundamentally, the strategist analyses the best fitted contacts for you to reach out to, in order to create a scaled progression for your career.

What is more unique is that it will suggest them in an order that is the most accessible and best direction to pick.

Optimize Your Marketing & PR using AI

Organizing your campaign

When you login to Virtual Publicist the first thing you will see is a series of suggested contacts, and suggested lists on your dashboard.

These are contacts that are the most likely people to react positively to your outreach.

In the grand scheme of things, it is ideal to begin your outreach campaign with these individuals or grouping of outlets.

However, users can just as easily head to the industry search menu, type in the type of candidate they are looking for, and will be presented with a curated list that follows these same specifications.

  • Best to reach out to first.
  • Most likely to answer.
  • Ideal to scale your reputation.
  • Allows to unlock outlets higher up the pyramid.

Let’s take Influencers as an example:

  1. Using the Virtual Pubclisit search, you can start by looking up influencers .
    • Make sure to use filters to segment the influencers. this can be done by platform, by tag or by interest.
  2. Save these selected candidates in a smart list so you can track your communications and outerach.
  3. Separate them by having a clear title that includes the platform and genre of the influencers found inside
    • Click on create new list .
    • Add a title, and start saving your contacts under that name.
  4. Prepare an email with the AI copywriter, and start your outreach campaign.
    • NOTE: When addressing different influencers, it could be that their preferred method of communication is not email. Although you can still use it, you might have a better chance of reaching them through the recommended platform.
Virtual Strategist Quick Tips:

Pro tip – Influencers can get expensive. When selecting your influencers make sure you are not getting individuals with pools of fans that are too similar, if you pick 3 people working with the same 10k fans, you’re going to be spending money for nothing

Pro Tip – Influencers that are sharing your content can be focused in one area to maximize the local wave, or you can work with multiple and more diverse influencers to spark interest in cities or regions that have a similar crowd to your home base.

Build a Smart List for Each Group You Need To Coordinate With

  1. Start by making a Smart List for each segment of your campaign.
    • Click on create a new list, and write in the title row.
      • For example:
        • Let’s say you want to throw a recurring show every week at a different club or bar. You’re calling it “thirsty.”
        • You set up different Smart Lists for each of the groups that you are contacting. By giving each one a title, you can follow the conversations with ease in your inbox.
  2. Search for targeted groups through the Virtual Publicist roster. Type in the location and the category.
    • Select from the list of contacts in the search results.
  3. Save the contacts in the designated lists.

The Virtual Publicist Dashboard with the create new list option accessible by the user

Virtual Strategist Pro Tips

How to reach out to venues with Virtual Publicist:

Venues will always ask you for key information about the event you are throwing. This includes the number of people, the genre, and the ticket price, for starters. All these are questions you need to think about before reaching out to the venue. You can check out our blog for more details on the specifics, but for now, you can follow through with these Virtual Publicist Pro tips.

Venues: Select our venue outreach template that includes all the key numbers venues look for. As well as a few lines that should get you started. If you are looking for a more general template to introduce yourself to the venue, select the introduction template in the AI copywriter.

Influencers: inviting influencers to your gig is a great way to promote your event. Check out our Virtual Publicist influencer campaign blog to find out the best way to introduce yourself and handle the conversation.

Promoters: If you have a large room to fill and the venue is not working with a promotion agency, it could be a strategic decision to hire a promotion crew to handle a segment of the ticket sales. Check through our promoter database to find the best results.