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How to Get the Best Search Results on Virtual Publicist

an image depicting how Virtual Publicist offers the best search results to optimize your outreach campaign

Using Algorithmic Tagging and Smart Lists to Optimize Your Outreach Campaign

Virtual Publicist has the world’s largest music industry database and curates the best matches according to your artist profile. With this unique AI-tool by your side, you can now optimize your outreach campaigns, and reach all the tiers of the industry. To get the best search results, make sure to follow the guide below, and understand the fundamentals of how our AI suggests new contacts.

Using tags, keywords and suggestive AI, Virtual Publicist will give users the 20 best music contacts to reach out to first.

Tags will help the AI curate the best-suited contacts for your to reach. You can still access the database and make the lists you want, but following Virtual Publicists AI optimizes your campaigns results by providing the best direction to follow. 

Optimize Your Outreach Campaign

Searching for Contacts:

Step 1:

  • Select the search bar on the left hand side.

Step 2:

  • Select tags related to:
    • Musical genre
    • Your desired location
    • The type of the contact
    • Their position

Step 3:

  • Select from the first 20 listed contacts that are the best fit for both your level and desired outcome.
  • You can continue to scroll to view more options. However, it is best to work with the ones that appear earlier in the list as these are perfectly suited for your campaign.

The more precise your search, the better the results will be, and the higher your odds of receiving a response are.

To learn more about the suggestive AI check out our section on our strategist.

Searching for Smart Lists

Smart Lists are grouped contacts created by the Virtual Publicist AI strategist. These contacts all have similarities in either the niche of audiences they cover or the types of campaigns they have supported in the past. By following a Smart List, and reaching out to it’s contacts, you automatically increase your chances of the entire group accepting your proposal, allowing for a viral effect to occur with your content.

To learn more about Smart Lists check out our features section.

How Tags and Keywords Work in Virtual Publicist

Algorithmic tagging:

  1. Virtual Publicist analyzes your profiles and puts together a tag tree that describes who you are to our AI.
  2. Algorithmic tagging then ranks your profile that takes into account your level in the industry. 
  3. By matching artist profiles to contacts, tags allow Virtual Publicist to create an optimized outreach campaign for your latest release.

Note: This is why it does not suggest an up-and-coming artist talk to Rhianna’s manager.

Personal Tagging:

Once you have built a profile, Virtual Publicist allows you to build a personal list of targets to reach out too.

As you build your black book you can tag each one of them with your own keywords to best organize your campaign. Although this does directly effect others search results, our AI saves and compiles each personal tag to correlate with the overall logic it is using.

For example: If 1 person defines a contact as a “good deal” the algorithm will correlate only 1 point on that individual, but if 10 000 users have tagged the person as a “good Deal”, your Virtual Publicist will integrate them into that tag family and suggest the profile to those looking for “good deals”. 

Types of Tags you can use to optimize your outreach campaign

  1. Genre
  2. Sub-genre
  3. Location
  4. Industry Type
  5. Category
  6. Position
  7. Service
  8. Company

In the Search bar, you can customize your search to find more niche results. Using the tags and keywords the community has crafted and our AI has harvested, you can create a precise list of contacts that fit exactly what you are looking for. 

For example, you will be able to find contributors that are on multiple blogs or journals by typing in the blog style rather than its exact name.  

For more Pro Tips about messaging, pitching, and selective language suggestions check out our learn section

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