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A card-shaped self-custodial cold wallet with a wide range of supported assets: buy, store, swap and sell thousands of coins and tokens – all in one app.

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Secure your Wealth with Tangem’s technology

Industry-leading security

The chip has the highest level of security certification. Your wallet is protected against any type of attack (over 800k cards sold - zero hacks).

Maximum resistance

Dust, water and temperature extremes (-25 to 50°C) cannot pose any harm - your wallet won’t let you down under any circumstances.

Full protection

Your wallet is immune to electromagnetic pulse, electrostatic discharge and X-rays. No scanners can extract your private key.

Unparalleled reliability

The cards contain no points of vulnerability or failure-prone elements - no battery to get discharged or buttons to get broken.

Counterfeit protection

The app authenticates the cards, providing you with full assurance that the wallet hasn’t been tampered with or replaced with a fake one.

Manage your funds on the go

It’s just is a card and a phone with NFC - the technology has laid to rest the need to carry a heavy laptop and endless cables with you.

Smart backup

We advise cryptocurrency holders against using the seed phrase for backup given the risks involvedTangem Wallet backs up your private keys with the use of additional cards, eliminating the chance of seed exposure.

Yet, we have left the seed phrase option for those who would like to stick to their habitual recovery method.