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AI-Solutions for Artists | Music PR and Marketing Tools


Take control of your music career.With the help of your Virtual Publicist, gain access to all the music industry contacts you need. Accelerate your career through 1 platform assistant.

    Over 10k+ artists have already bolstered their presence with our unmatched APP.

    Explore every corner
    of the music industry

    Why Virtual Publicist?

    Made specifically for the music industry

    Most affordable PR tool on the market

    Intuitive AI adapts to your artist profile

    Over 1 million Data Points

    CRM dashboard

    Private and encrypted inbox

    Full Platform Analytics

    AI Strategist and Assistant

    Empowering artists from around the world.
    Virtual Publicist is the future of the music business

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Virtual Publicist is an AI-powered platform that streamlines access to a musicians career essentials. It includes a host of digital tools such as a CRM, Smart List collection, private inbox, pitching & messaging assistant and many more features on the way. This will assist musicians in benchmarking against any agency services.

    Yes. Virtual Publicist contact information is extracted from both public and private ledgers that are updated regularly to assist you in building long-term relationships with these contacts. 

    Virtual Publicist has 1.8 million data points and counting. We also add an estimated 100,000 new figures per month. This allows the users to easily find other artists, producers, influencers, labels, media representatives, and anyone else in the industry. 

    Yes, however, the advantage with Virtual Publicist is that it analyzes your profile and suggests the best person to contact first. You can pick, schedule, and categorize messages to the different professionals but ultimately it is best to follow the steps put forward.

    Virtual Publicist is the ultimate portal where you create you can share your brand identity with the right outlets. Virtual Publicist allows your fans, professional colleagues, and strategic partners to access an accurate representation of your portfolio.

    Yes, Virtual Publicist gives you the keys to all the relevant influencers, tastemakers, curators and other essential outreach channels to grow your fanbase. The most important part to consider is that the suggested contacts will automatically give you better traction than other outlets you may have chosen.

    Virtual Publicist offers 3 levels of subscriptions that each give you more outbound messages and faster features.

    In order to use the AI and key features, you need to subscribe to 1 of the 3 possible plans that are on a monthly basis. These cost on average 60% less than any other agency or saas product in the pr space.

    Virtual Publicist offers 3 subscription plans

    Gold: 49.95$

    Users receive the full suite of AI assistants including; Copywriter, Manager, Strategist, messenger and Smart lists.

    Platinum: 99.95$

    With a platinum account, you will receive more templates for your ai-copywriter and messenger.

    You will also receive more pro lists per week that compile the best-suited candidates for your outreach objective

    Agency: 249.95$

    Where as the gold and platinum subscriptions give you a catered quantity of available contacts in the industry the agency version of the application gives you:

    • Multiple seats for different artists
    • Private Profile characteristics
    • More filters
    • More Lists per week
    • More contacts
    • Calendar and posting automation (soon)

    Absolutely not, Virtual Publicist is designed as a user friendly and intuitive messaging system that gives you the ability to navigate, organize and message the industry effectively. 

    With a full series of Notifications, reminders and automated messages, Virtual Publicist holds your hand through the entire process of media outreach and suggests the opportune people to contact.